Teaching: Academic & Specialist Courses

  • I have taught across a wide range of courses at UCT from first year to Ph.D. level. These include:

      1. Undergraduate economics courses: micro, macro, development, public, quantitative methods, applied international trade bargaining.

      2. Postgraduate economics courses: development, labour, policy analysis, growth & governance, economic growth, economics of waste & the circular economy.

  • I have also taught in the 2nd year Masters / Ph.D. program at the Economics and Planning Unit, Indian Statistical Institute in Delhi, India in 2020: Econometric Applications 2.

  • I was also involved in the economics undergraduate curriculum change project at UCT in the School of Economics. Some background can be found at this 2015 Johannesburg Stock Exchange Magazine article here.

  • I have also taught specialist courses / workshops / given TED-type talks in different forums, including:

      1. Inclusive Green Economy in Practise: Policy instruments for valorizing waste and developing a circular economy.

      2. Graduate School of Development Policy and Practise: Poverty and inequality masterclass.

      3. Graduate School of Development Policy and Practise: Evidence-based policy making and implementation.

      4. Graduate School of Business: Post-Graduate Diploma in Trade Law & Policy Management.

      5. National Income Dynamics Study (NIDS): Panel data econometrics course.

Photograph below is of the 2019 Eco5030s class in the great debate at the end of our course. Title: "Economic growth, steady-state economics and sustainable degrowth: What lessons are there for the Global South from this discourse?" We follow World University Debating Championship rules.

Photograph below is of the NIDS Panel data econometrics course participants that I taught in July, 2018. See NIDS Youtube channel here.